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We offer low cost document preparation that is made to fit your schedule, not ours. Whether you need your documents prepared by the following day or even on the same day, we will accommodate you. We offer a large range of document preparation services to fit your needs, whether you are looking to form your own business, wish to protect your assets from probate through estate planning or bring an action in court.

Our staff consists of experienced Paralegals and Legal Document Assistants who are trained to be thorough and provide only the highest level of legal services. Most of our services are priced on a flat rate basis, which means that we work for you until your service is completed, for one low flat rate. Unlimited changes to your documents are also included, free of charge. Prior to receiving the final draft of your documents, you may instruct us to make any changes you might have and we will make them free of charge. As a company, our goal is to offer more quality for your consumer dollar, we will never charge you extra for changes or revisions and we promise to make them in a timely manner and at your direction.

We have more than 10 years of experience We're the perfect alternative to high-priced attorney's fees; offering specialized legal document preparation services at a fraction of the cost.


With Over 15 Year of Experience, Our mission is to save you time and money!



Castillo's Paralegal Services has earned the respect of the legal community thanks to its superb customer service and solid legal knowledge. Our office has the experience and aggressiveness to take care of your legal matter.

Don't spend your hard-earned money on an attorney! (UNLESS NEEDED) Our document preparation is the perfect low-cost alternative giving you the legal document assistance you need without the strain on your bank account.

  • Divorce, Annulments & Legal Separation / Divorcios, Anular y Separacion Legal
  • Paternity Actions/ Casos de Paternidad
  • Child Custody & Child Support / Manutención y Custodia de Menores
  • Letters & Translations / Cartas y Traducciones
  • Power of Attorney / Cartas de Poder
  • Evictions (Landlord and tenants) / Desalojos (Dueños e Inquilinos)
  • Restraining Orders / Ordenes de Restricción
  • Legal Name Change / Cambio de Nombre
  • Criminal Law-DUI / Casos Criminales-DUI
  • Social Security Claims / Reclamos de Seguro Social
  • Legal Guardianship / Guardia Legal
  • Bankruptcy / Bancarrotas
  • and much more / y mucho más


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Family Law

Bankruptcy (Chapter 7)

When you can't pay your debts and continue to survive, bankruptcy might be the best solution for you. Filing for bankruptcy can be a stressful event. Let us help you in this time by walking you through the process to help you turn a new page.


Family Law

Common family law subjects include divorce, legal separation or annulment, child custody and visitation rights, child support payments, and spousal support / alimony. Family law specifically deals with children in regards to adoption, guardianship, and state child protection, and domestic violence and restraining orders for adults.

Criminal Law

Evictions (Landlord and tenants)

This type of lawsuit is also known as an unlawful detainer, or UD lawsuit. Evictions can be a stressful. Our office is experience and ready to serve you. We may assist you with your document preparation or attorney representation. We offer free consultation.

Power Attorney

Power of Attorney (General, Health and Financial)

A power of attorney is a legal document that gives someone you choose the power to act in your place. In case you ever become mentally incapacitated, you'll need what are known as "durable" powers of attorney for medical care and finances.

Living Trust

Living Trust

A living trust, on the other hand, does not go through probate, which often means a faster distribution of assets to your heirs—from months or years with a will down to weeks with a living trust. Your successor trustee will pay your debts and distribute your assets according to your instructions. A living trust allows you to choose a guardian for your children in the event of your death..

Criminal Law

Criminal Law / DUI/arrest warrant

If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, you'll want to understand how it all works and what you can expect. Call us for a free consultation.

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